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Chester Cathedral - Panorama

Chester Cathedral - Panorama


Aug 8, 2007 – (1155 views)


really7 like your photos you have a very good eye fo9r the camera and the composition
Nov 20, 2013 – John J Prince
what a lovely cathedral it is real nice and the way you captured the image it is very special like you want to go there and stay there, Lovely
Dec 16, 2012 – sylvia howarth
This is a wonderful image! I really like it a lot . Just wondering, hoping you won't mind, or be offended...What if you cropped the two sides to eliminate the two high chair backs? It would eliminate the distracting merger of the person in the right foreground that draws the eye off the image. tighter cropping would also emphasize the perspective. photoshop you could tranform the left lean. Do you bracket shots? If not do, It would be interesting to compare w/people versis w/o/people
Jan 16, 2012 – Lorena Shiffer
Almost painting-like. The glimpses of light work well.
Dec 29, 2011 – Jason Barles
Chester is my all-time favourite place. When I was a child we lived about 12 miles away and always went there on outings. I can remember walking round this cathedral with my mother. We hid behild a pillar in the gallery one time because Bertrand Russell (very aged philosopher) was sitting on a bench in the precincts. It was at least 60 years ago, but I remember it vividly. This is a lovely shot and thanks for nudging my memory...
Jul 5, 2011 – faith1110
Awesome, it's absolutely beautiful.... nice work!
Jun 12, 2009 – SharsArt
I love this, trevor...
Oct 11, 2007 – BFosterBFA
It tilts down to the left slightly, but beautiful clarity
Aug 24, 2007 – Ethereal
trev, you were so close to my house, man. you could have come for a brew. great pic
Aug 9, 2007 – andy tetlow
now this one is COOL Trevor...
Aug 8, 2007 – lttlflwr67

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