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Girl in stairway

Girl in stairway


Jun 9, 2007 – (904 views)

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Trevor I have not had the honor of meeting you ...u love you art just breathtaking!!..
May 25, 2019 – Rebecca Diane Fairl
May 25, 2019 – AntoinetteMorkelArt
beautiful photo
Jul 25, 2011 – couranna
May 11, 2010 – ValerySh
I like a photo that tells a story like this. This rivals many great photographers
Dec 15, 2009 – anthony
Trevor this is excellent. For me it it a frozen moment in time beautifully captured and bathed in golden sunlight..
Aug 3, 2009 – alanminshull
Wow - I've never seen London look so good! I agree with the others, it's the kind magical moment you'd love to paint
Apr 25, 2009 – Evie
This would make an awesome painting, a whole story to be told in that picture. Well done. Oh! i wrote my comment before reading the others, see? I thought it looked like a painting too.
Apr 18, 2009 – gerbearTx
Exccelent composition, light and perspective.
Jan 13, 2009 – Carmen54
Fantastic photo, the light and the composition are perfect.
Apr 28, 2008 – Rafa Ramirez
This is a beautiful photo. It reminds me of a painting as well...
Jan 2, 2008 – Tiadora86
Definetly my fav photo in ur gallery. The light u cought is fanthastic, same goes for composition and contrasts,not to mention that its able to make a whole story around it and the sense of movenent caught. This,my friend, is definetly art.
Dec 19, 2007 – Karin Rayna Pavlic
Excellent lighting
Aug 24, 2007 – Ethereal
the whole thing tells a story in the contrasts with the red
Aug 22, 2007 – lttlflwr67
great job capturing the moment
Jun 19, 2007 – revery
Balloonfactory. This is a great picture - & thanks for your comments!!
Jun 11, 2007 – Balloonfactory
Jun 11, 2007 – tannerjaysimpson
love the guy doing the double take . she is pretty.
Jun 9, 2007 – andy tetlow
Excellent composition - I LIKE - it looks more like a painting somehow
Jun 9, 2007 – mjgartistpoet

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