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Stylish on blue

Stylish on blue


Aug 8, 2007 – (1206 views)


Aug 12, 2015 – Alex Shubin
Stong... :] :]
Mar 12, 2013 – TODDANTHONY_ORG
this one is so good
Nov 10, 2010 – Attila Levai
Apr 18, 2009 – gerbearTx
I adore the colours and contrasts in this,very cool!
Mar 15, 2008 – nemothecat
Great title BJ and well demonstrated. Those colors just shout it out, they're so complimentary.
Dec 8, 2007 – Gary Dee
the composition is so simple, yet so strong in this, its almost impossible to take your eye off the focal point.
Dec 7, 2007 – KJMalings
Those colors are awesome! Rings of a "less is more" quality.
Oct 15, 2007 – ryguydavis
Bloodjelly: I've been away but it's great to see your new work. I love the lines in the background and the great use of the color blue! lucky girl to be immortalized in this artwork.
Aug 22, 2007 – visionary imagist

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