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This is funny, reminds me of my dog snapping at the water when I was just a little girl! Excellent photo! Love it!
Jul 28, 2012 – Kkitten
Talk about personality, I would love to sculpt Dandy!
Dec 15, 2011 – CUSTOMCRITTER
Wow, really great shot! One moment frozen in time. Best is the expression on his face.
Aug 12, 2008 – freemeadows
Good photo cleaver to catch the water like that nice one
May 17, 2008 – Rebecca Milne
Awesome!...very good done photo
May 13, 2008 – SANTAIKA
What a great action shot! *jumps in to play with the puppy*
Mar 27, 2008 – aazari
Thanks you guys, great comments.
Dec 5, 2007 – bloodjelly
Go Jim Dandy, Go Jim Dandy! I second stupinator's comment. Well done!
Dec 5, 2007 – to_fly
I Love the energy without the motion! Superb job!
Aug 16, 2007 – ctartist023
hehe, cute dog oh and very nice picture, the composition is perfect
Aug 16, 2007 – stupinator

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