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Ship Battle 1

Ship Battle 1


Jan 17, 2010 – (4677 views)


Superb light, outstanding balance and composition. The light glowing behind the gun smoke is amazing!
Feb 18, 2010 – Sally Siko
nowdays not so many painters do such a work with classical value 5 stars
Feb 15, 2010 – Attila Levai
Outstanding! Kudo's
Feb 11, 2010 – SharsArt
I just wanted you to know that I made this the background on my phone last week. Awesome work.
Feb 10, 2010 – captainduh
amazing work
Feb 10, 2010 – Caleb Anderson
Between the angles of the ships and the ripples on the water I get a real sense of immediacy and movement from this. Fantastic job!
Jan 21, 2010 – bloodjelly
Absolutely stunning! Great work!
Jan 18, 2010 – Gary Dee

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