On Foundmyself, our artists come first.

Members can sell their art directly, commission free. Support independent artists!

contact_supportHow is buying art online from Foundmyself different?

On Foundmyself, there are two main ways to buy art:

  1. From the artist directly
  2. From Foundmyself
Buying art directly

When you're buying from the artist directly, you and they handle the transaction. We just offer tools to get you together and to make things simpler. At the end of the day, though, it's a direct sale between you and the artist.

You'll know that you're buying art directly when you see a “Request this piece” button. Learn more here.

What's cool about buying art this way is that the artist gets to keep all their earnings. We don't take a commission, so the artist gets 100% of the sale, minus any third-party fees.

Buying art through Foundmyself

There's another way to buy art on Foundmyself, and it's through our prints program. Basically, we offer canvas prints, custom mugs and other products with the artist's work printed on them.

The artist gets to choose their markup, which they get 100% of, and we get a portion of the sale.

You can find more information on shopping for art this way, here.

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