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All Grownup with Nowhere to Go

All Grownup with Nowhere to Go



Dec 6, 2009 – (552 views)

This is how I view my first 33 years on this planet. I am constantly trying to solve the puzzle of myself. I have learned much but still struggle for satisfaction. Life is a never-satisfying experience, which is why we should never lose our passion for it.
My first self portrait is a look at what interests me, what I have done, what I am doing, and contemplating the whole experience that I call "my life". The books behind me represent all that I have learned in my life. This is primarily the formal education which is why it is behind me since I no longer go to school. I am sitting on an unsolved Rubki's Cube because my interests and my dreams are always changing. It is hard to achieve everything which is why I sit on such a difficult puzzle. The keyboard is off to my left because I work in software that is what I went to school for. The baseball, wiffle ball,video game controller, and pirate flag are my all time interests while the paint tube is open to reflect my renewed interest in painting. - December 2009