Walking Into The Light

Walking Into The Light


Oct 11, 2022

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Mixed media
48 x 48 x 0


Walking Into The Light was created with hand made paints and is a Finger Painting 4x4' finger paintings on a day that I had just practiced my Tai Chi. This is a process healing painting. At the time I was playing with the paints with my fingers. It was not completed and I had an order of artwork to get out. So I put this painting on the floor so I could use my table. I had gone downstairs to get something. Now understand I do not like wearing shoes. Before I realized it I had walked over wet artwork on the floor and left my foot prints in the piece. To me being an artist means letting our emotions be expressed. When the emotions are painted out there is a release of the energy hanging around in my body, mind and spirit. My mothers favorite saying was "Everything is in Divine Order". The foot prints were meant to be there.




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