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Joined May 2019

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“I know the body-mind-spirit as a bridge between the physical and the mystical, and believe in our inherent ability (all humans) to use that-which-is-much-more-than-the-sum-of-our-parts – to create more fulfilled, harmonious realities.” 

I use art, writing, and spoken word – intuitively and spontaneously, in a cultivated state of mastery – to enter the flow; that state which we all have known at some point or another, in which we feel at one with the world:intimately engaged in a passionate activity that lets us express ourselves fully and fulfillingly…

We all need more art in our lives


I’m passionate about how we maintain connection with the deep creative forces that pulse through the universe; how do we draw a permanent abundance of energy, ideas, happiness, vitality and well-being out of the divine ether – and into our seemingly-mundance everyday?

Art is a means of dismantling the veils between us and The Flow

I also know from direct experience that it’s possible to use art as a vehicle to transform chaos, illness, depression, grief, poverty and despair – to shift it into harmony, vitality, happiness, abundance and deep fulfilment in our lives.

My life passsion is understanding how art can embody our immense, unique creative potential as human beings… how we can use art to bring colour, depth and meaning into our everyday.