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Digital watermarking tool

Add a digital watermark to your images with this free tool.

Digitally watermark your images for protection
Images online can be easily copied and shared, even with disabling right-clicking, or otherwise trying to hide the link to the image from the viewer. Perhaps the most effective protection is watermarking an image – adding a logo or text across the visible portion of the image. While this can offer good protection, it can be a nuisance for the 99.9% of visitors who simply want to see your work in all its beauty.

Digital watermarks

Digital watermarking is another option. It hides text, like a copyright notice, inside the pixels of the image itself. Only with the correct password can the hidden message be revealed. In this way, if someone copies your image directly and reposts it, you can prove ownership by retrieving the hidden message with your password.
Add a digital watermark
Retrieve a digital watermark

Image file (5MB or less – jpg, png or gif):

Message to hide:


Disclaimer: This is an educational tool and shouldn't be depended upon to protect your work from theft. Passwords are case sensitive. Re-saving an image as a JPEG or other lossy format, or editing the image in any way, can corrupt the digital watermarking of your message. Modified from original code: Stegger