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Support Foundmyself

Foundmyself art community runs on the Honor System

Hi – I'm Trevor. I created and continue to run Foundmyself. This is just a pic of me and my favorite bushes.

Why does FM need donations?

  • To keep outside ads away: The focus should be on your art, and a stellar viewing experience for everyone
  • Tech: As the site grows, server costs grow as well
  • Free contests: The art contests held here have prizes that are paid for primarily out-of-pocket, yet they're free for all to enter
  • Maintenance: The site needs updating and optimizing on a regular basis, which takes lots of time and energy

Since we run on the Honor System, donations help keep the Foundmyself art community running, updated, and ad-free.

If you use the site and like it – or sell art, especially – please donate. We use PayPal to process payments securely. Click an amount below to make your donation:

Pay with your credit card

About our Honor System

With our Honor System, we're giving you our features for free. You can sell your art, style your gallery, maintain newsletters and much more.

We're trusting that if you find our services useful or sell some art, you'll give back appropriately. Also, aside from those good feelings you get from supporting our community, your donation adds to your honor level, which can be exchanged for better placement and other perks on the site.

Donation amount Honor Point (HP) increase
Less than $20 100 HP for every dollar
$20-$30 5,000 HP
$31-$40 7,500 HP
$41-$50 9,500 HP
$51+ 10,000 HP + 100 HP per dollar over

Benefits of contributing

Donating and participating on the site (entering art contests, posting useful topics in the forum, giving valuable comments in the art gallery) earn you Honor points that can benefit you. The chart below explains these benefits:

If you have 100 or more Honor Points, you can exchange them for items in the shop.

Honor level Benefit
Any donation
5% or higher
  • Links in forum and gallery have SEO benefit (?)
10% or higher
  • Included in the image rotation on the front page
  • If you've donated, you will be included in occasional “thank-you” sections of our newsletter
20% or higher
  • Can exchange for exposure points
  • Potential for linking on this page (see left) and others

Donations also give you a unique donation rank in your profile and on all posts. Donation ranks are cumulative and never expire, and you get to strut your generous stuff throughout the site. If you'd like your donation to be private, just let us know.

Again, thank you for considering donating. We can't run the site without your help.

Donate now!

Donations made to Foundmyself are not deductible for income tax purposes.