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Viewing profile - George Spook Denham

George Spook Denham
New poster
New poster
Artist Bio:
I formally trained in commercial art (advertising & illustrating) at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. After a brief stint as a drummer in a rock/jazz group working up and down the East Coast, I settled down in South Jersey. There I continued to play weekends and got back into the art thing. I bought some spray equipment, a couple of air brushes some pin stripping brushes and went to town on hundreds of custom bikes, cars, vans, hot rods and many race cars. All of my clients and patrons who entered their respective vehicles in custom car shows would consistently win first place trophies in an area covering New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. My work was featured in several trade magazines and newspaper articles including Hot Rod, Street Chopper, Big Bike, Custom Vans & Trucks, The Philadelphia Enquirer as well as The Camden Courier and The Woodbury Daily Times in South Jersey.
I moved to Florida in 1976. I spent some time as a painter/freelance artist with a local car dealership and did several custom jobs while employed there. In 1979 I picked up a job at Kennedy Space Center in the quality assurance arena….. And that’s where I learned what a computer was! Since then I have had a fascination with graphic images and manipulating photos, art work and computer images to create unique works of art. Several of my pieces are hanging in local business establishments and in several homes. Some of my most recent endeavors have included advertising posters for local restaurants and night clubs as well as posters for some outstanding rock groups and solo entertainers.
Here are some comments from customers, models, associate artists and friends:

" Great work (although, admittedly, a little warped)."
"I love your warped mind and your work. "
"You are really a creative person GD"
"These are awesome. GREAT work baby!!!! Xoxooxo Tammy"
"Got to love it!"
"Wow ... awesome! you just never cease to amaze me. Thank you.”
" I'm impressed. You have a remarkable talent.
"A talented person you are."
"Unique and creative as usual."
"They're good, but you might want to double up on the meds."
"Creativity is you."
"Un - F*#!*A% Believable!. ... "
"Oh My God That's awesome. Thanks you made my day .. "
"wow, you must've really been on a toot. .. although I did like green eyed lady ... and a few others.” /I
"beautiful work, I like belladonna and earthmover!"
"Indubitably, the best yet Spook. You do beauty images so well"
"Very creative, Spook!"
“You are so amazing at what you do.”
"They ought to study you!"
"Hey Mr. D! Cool artwork.......disturbing, but cool. =)”
“That’s really cool I like it, you are very artistic and great at what you do!!”
“This is really pretty. The other does border erotic but it’s a good concept. I so enjoy looking at your masterpieces.”
“George, these are some exceptional displays of your creative side. Loved them!”
“I think my favorite of these is the one titled, Alone ... they are all good George.”
“I’m tellin’ ya, if you need some graphic work done, George is your guy hands down!”
“Me thinks that there is a visual kinship between his art and yours.”
(A colleague’s comment comparing my work to Salvatore Dali. What a compliment!)
“….You seem to have that gift.”
(Another reference to Salvatore Dali.)
“You are the best !!!.”
“I just looked at your gallery AND read your bio all the way through. I can't even imagine HOW you create your art, mixing all those mediums together, but the outcome is awesome. Way to go. If you have any hints to pass along, please let me know.
Plus, wanted to give you MY email address ………”
“I love your entry for the contest 'micro landscape'..
it's an amazing piece, made up of those unusual objects, I had no idea until I read what made it up.. I could have sworn that was a real rocket heading to space.. great job!. “

“Just saw your art online and I LOVE it. I especially love the "Angel gets no respect" one. Beauty with a sense of humor. How refreshing. You're very talented. I'll be watching for more.”

"What? You can't do little kitty cats and fuzzy rabbits?"
art computers music (rock, jazz, clasical)
Retired "rocket scientist" / Digital Artist.
Cocoa Beach, FL

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