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Built in 2010, started in 1989. Mr. Klein met Mrs. Klein whom you see in the photo. They were but a we lad and lassy. She had her eye set on him like a tiger to prey. Soon before a freshman in highschool he ended up at the age of 12 1/2, with cancer the first time. Little did Mr. Klein know he would come down with it again at 16 1/2, Almost completely dropping out of highschool and everything he'd strived for, having gotten real sick, he wasn't sure he'd live much past 17 let alone produce what you see now. Mrs. Klein stayed by his side through it all, her wit and charm, his mother, and his doctor, never once leaving. the thought of death loomed like a moon in the night's sky, they all continueously believing in him and roughing it with him through all time, good and bad.

He pushed through both Chemothearapy and Highschool, but never forgetting the scaring it caused. Soon after highschool, he had begun the 6 hour a day treatments that lasted him 5 days a week, for the better part of 10 years, never giving up, never losing hope, never surrendering, but standing tall like an unwavering mountain in the face of an earthquake. Mr. Klein, had watched his family collapse and held what family he had together with even more strength as he fought like hell to stay alive. PBE they called it, the chemothearapy.

Needless to say it drained his mother of all her finances and they moved to another state, IL. He descided to move to Florida for 5 years or so. To make this short, he ended up back in San Diego and ran into the most beautiful woman in the world, yep. You got it, his little tiger. Little Mrs. Klein. Whom never forgot about her little fighting beatle, Mr. Klein. Ironically enough, he not only survived this twice, but had a soul friend "Thomas Bidleman" of "Fenton MI, Die from the first type of cancer he had. You DONT give up! Is the lesson he learned from this friend, and today produces what you see now.

"The prints you see for sale are all prints that I've managed to take and pass to you from the eyes of "The House of Klein". to be a member is to be a fighter!"

If I could do one thing, it would be to save my best-friend Thomas Bidleman from ever having suffered the same fate and passing, to take his mother's pain. So through him I shall give back in hopes of finding that one cure and help destroyed families, Not give to some fancy corperate organization that won't help those who need it because they believe only in research. We cannot solve all the problems of the world, but we can try to make the difference one person at a time. Join me in my quest to help families, not just fund research.

Don't just feel sorry, action speaks louder then words. Every month I will donate directly to the families of those in need who've fallen from an ancient enemy.

Once Was. . . Is Now. . . Will forever be. . . Brian Michael Klein.
San Diego, Ca

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