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Jason Paul Claire
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I always knew that I was an intuitive, but it was the devastating effects of work-place bullying that finally threw me into the deep depression that ironically awakened my latent talent and gift for intuitive art. This is the brief story of that journey and how I use the medium of art to support people with their own healing.

Growing up in the suburbs of the West Midlands, I had an ordinary childhood, moving through the educational system to university and then on to a lecturing post at a local college. In this role, I experienced work-place bullying, which eventually caused a massive mental breakdown. Using art as a healing tool, I began a long, slow recovery, during which time I discovered that my art not only allowed my fractured and damaged mind to heal, but had the same profound effect on others too. It was a life-changing period during which I received the calling from the Universe that I was to combine my talents as an artist and an intuitive to bring healing art to life and help others.

‘On my journey, I have discovered that art is the most wonderful tool to support greater health and wellbeing. I have been drawing, painting and illustrating since a very young age; in fact it is my first memory. I have been involved with many private projects; my most recent has seen me provide all the illustrations for my book - “The Serenity Code: a personal journey to wellness” - co-written with my wife, Louise’.

My art comes directly from my heart and soul, creating paintings and drawings that speak to the hearts and souls of others, enabling them to develop and heal on deep levels.
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Today I looked into the abyss, I saw nothing then suddenly a flash of inspiration and I finally knew who I was - Jason Paul Claire

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