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Marie Javorkova
Artist Bio:
Marie Javorkova is a Czech painter, sculptor, and illustrator and author
magazine of Renome /1996/. She studied under Professor Karel Rusin VUT -
foundry, sculpture and with more Professors at the Prague Academy of Art.
She uses many different styles - cubism, realism, fauvism etc., mediums
paintings - oil, acrylic colors, mixed media, etc., mediums sculptures -
bronze etc. and more techniques. A member of the WAF - USA Jojo Marengo,
her works has featured on a more nationals gallery and private gallery
/USA, England, Germany, France, Swiss, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Croatia, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, JAR, Mexico,
Argentina, etc. Michael Jackson was friend with Marie Javorkova.

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