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My name is Michelle Lynne Ben-Shalom I am 21 years old, I am born with MILD to SEVERE AUTISM (It's a type of extremely common Mental/Brain Disability). & I just & ONLY started doing the very specific & different type of art that either A. Most artist even if they are not born with any kind of special needs, & or physical/mental disability at all & those artist that are NEUROLOGICALLY NORMAL Absolutely CAN NOT do & or it's so DAMN CLOSE to being considered IMPOSSIBLE for those kinds of people to do at all without any kind of problems doing/trying to be good at it. & or B. The kind of Art that most people have NEVER EVER heard of & or even thought that it was even possible at all, like my kind of art that I'd like to call "EXPERIMENTAL ART" where I LITERALLY combine art & all kinds of science altogether. Do a whole lot of mixing up of stuff like I would a lot of times mix cleaning chemicals, all kinds of glues, paints, spray paints, water, all kinds of markers, pencils, oil pastels, food coloring, all kinds of ink, & so much more altogether that create all kinds of different & amazing physical & or chemical affects & all kinds of physically & chemically amazing & or physical/chemical reactions & I started doing & getting into/interested into all of that starting when I was just about 5 years old that's also when I got interested in being good & amazing at doing & drawing some DIZZY GEOMETRIC DESIGNS which is the second/other kind art I do.
Making people be & or feel AMAZED, FREAKED OUT, DIZZY, & or just any other kind of silly & or crazy reaction towards ANYTHING AT ALL that I show people, tell people, say to people, & or that I do to people at all & in general NO MATTER WHAT IT IS like the kind of art I do gets a whole of funny & crazy reactions out of it & that's why I LOVE doing the kinds of art I do to DEATH!!!!!!
My parents forced me to resign from Kroger, so now I've been unemployed for more than 1 year now & it's all my freak'in parents fault & also because they just will NOT let me go back NO MATTER WHAT I do. Bad parenting right there people!!!!
Arlington TX

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