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When doctors first took sight of baby amateur1314, they began to suspect they may have assisted in the birth of the new Antichrist. Materialising from the trenches of her mother, amateur was born in Victoria, where not long after having vomited in too many people's cars, and occasionally stolen food off their table when no one was looking, she was cast out of Australia and force to habituate in Southeast Asia.

It was there, at the horrible age of 5, she found out she was better than other children, and she made minuscule effort to hide this. She could draw. Far better than the other snot-nosed children who excelled in other unimportant things like maths and physics later in their lives. From then on, she knew she was destined to be an artist. She would regularly skip pre-school lessons and sneak off into empty school offices or the kitchen simply to draw, which may explain her poor results in school later on. She continued to practice, and when her parents realised she had a gift, they did what all parents do; chuck her in a class full of artists who are far better than her with a soulless dream-crusher for an art teacher.

Within the first few weeks of lessons, she learned the grim truth; she was not as good as she believed. She would often come home after class crying about how she was yelled at or how her work was deemed "obscenely ugly" by her cruel teacher. All in all, it was a humbling experience if anything.

When she entered school however, things had not gotten better. Despite being somewhat humbled, her time away from her art teacher only made her pride and ego escalate, and often times it left her friendless and very much alone. She filled the void with drawing, which she then found out was an admirable skill among the student body. The kids would often flock around her to draw cartoon characters for them on their books or hand, and she happily obliged, just glad she had any social contact at all. Things however, soon got out of hand, when students began demanding her to finish their art work for them. She had tried to reason with them, advising them that they would never learn to draw if they keep asking her to do it for them, but they simply would not hear of it. Once again, she caved in, feeling all the more resented and alone. Her art and her imagination was her only companions.

Art classes in school itself was not an enjoyable experience, as often her works would be graded from an 60% to the meagre 40% or lower. The teachers did not appreciate the brand of humour put into her artworks and the obscurity that went with it. However this only encouraged her to continue practising and working on her skills. Eventually it paid off when she began gaining recognition from her teachers and peers.

In high school, things got better. She began receiving orders from customers to paint and draw posters, and artworks, and many times assisted in school-based work involving art, becoming secretary of the Art & Photography Club. She soon moved to Australia and continued her high school education in Brisbane, where she earned several awards for her achievement in Art, including the Art Dux in her 2008 graduation. She had sold several art pieces and received large commissions from many individuals who have taken interest to her work. She still continues to paint and draw today, experimenting with a variety of techniques, and being actively involved with the art community online.
Drawing, Painting, Skulls, Mummies, Music, Psychology, Being irritating, Mauling people for no reason, drawing on dustbins, philosophy (just getting in to it), Comics

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