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Looking for feedback on Coliseum of Carnage!

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Looking for feedback on Coliseum of Carnage!

Postby LOS-Studios » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:22 pm

Hi guys,

The team at LOS studios have recently released our indie title, Coliseum of Carnage.
Play as the Barbarian, the hot-headed brute on a rampage, or the deadly conjuror, the Wizard (Yes, a bearded lady).
Fight your way through hoardes of flourescent ninjas to earn your freedom, and a hard-earned beer.

Check out the game here:

Indie DB:

Game Jolt: ... age/18488/


We've gone for a stylised feel for our game, aiming for simplicity and over-the-top graphics.
With development restrictions and limited skills, we are looking for feedback and opinions, so we can improve
quality on our future titles.

Thanks in advance!,

-Ashleigh, from LOS Studios

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