Need some help with my youtube channel.

Post your questions/tips/code here.
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Hello everyone, I'm new here, and as the title suggest in need of some help.
I've recently started my own youtube gaming channel and I would need someone to do a bit of artwork/desing for it to make it look nicer and more professional.
Sadly I don't have any money at the moment, so if anyone would be kind enough to help me it would have to be a charaty case.
I'd do it myself but I have no artistic talent whatsoever, heck I can barely draw a straight line... :D
So here's what I would need for it: a background for the main channel page, a intro for videos and an avatar. As you can see the ones I have now(made myself) are extremely basic and don't really present the focus of the channel all that well.
So check out my channel and let me know if you can/wish to help. Any kind of feedback is olso appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Channel link:

P.S. Hopefully it's ok to post my channels link here in this manner, the rules where not as clear as I would have liked on that one.
P.S.S. Of course if you can't help, but you happen to like the channel please feel free to subscribe for more awsome vids. :wink:

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I will contact you soon!

All the best,

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But you have to pay artists. I am pretty sure you have money since you monetized you Youtube.

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I have just accessed your youtubelol beans

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However, you are obligated to pay the artists. Since you have monetized your YouTube channel, I have a good feeling that you are doing well financially.
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I have the same problem.
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