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Suggestions & Comments

Post questions/tips/code/cutting edge web stuff here.
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Suggestions & Comments

Postby Bokehen » Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:44 am

I'm searching for a suggestions or comments area to add new ideas or suggestions to or about the forum and site in general. Could we add this area as to allow others to submit forum suggestions for new categories, challenges and competitions.

From time to time while visiting sites, I find a few options simply do not function as I would like them to. Currently and because i'm new here, I've yet to experience any issues other then not being able to submit a suggestion etc when necessary.

It's apparent that the forums/site has not been very active since this time last year. So let's see if we can spur this site back to life by adding sponsors or product contributions from the manufactures. This would mean those hosting the site would need to start searching from those willing to make contributions to the site, have contest and or prizes for winners of these contest etc.

In addition, I just noticed that this site has a blog area. But it does not allow for artist to blog about their works or offer a blog about how to tips etc. Please allow site artist to host thier own blogs.

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