If you're thinking of purchasing the latest iteration of NBA 2K

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Let's check it out. If you're thinking of purchasing the latest iteration of NBA 2K this year (NBA 2K23) It is possible to make sure you have enough storage space considering that this NBA 2K23 pre-load has officially gone live for Xbox Series owners NBA 2K MT, revealing that the game's size is at a staggering 152GB.For gamers who own an Xbox console The pre-load to NBA 2K23 has gone live (via Xbox App), which allows you to download this game ahead of its release this week.

While that's all good, what came to a surprise to many people who were preloading was how huge of a download this game has. To put it in perspective, if you want the game to be downloaded NBA 2K23 ahead of a release, you'll need 152.02GB of space available in your Xbox Series X|S. There's no indication that the pre-load feature for the last generation (Xbox One) is live yet however, and PlayStation owners (PS4 & PS5) must wait until next day (September 7) in order to start pre-loading ahead of this Friday's release.

The file size is expected to be slightly less on the PS5 version than on the Xbox Series', though probably not as much due to the fact that NBA 2K22 was only 6GB smaller on the PS5 then it was on the Xbox Series version.In fact, when compared to last year's it requires more than 35GB storage and goes from 115GB to 150GB on the Xbox Series.For convenience Here are the size of the files for each platform for last year's version of NBA 2K.

Although NBA 2K23 isn't officially out as of yet, players have already found an intriguing cosmetic collab in the game, one featuring Dr Disrespect.Whether you're living in the Neighborhood of the Future or the Next-Gen City, here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about NBA 2K23 x Dr Disrespect collab.

How to Get Dr Disrespect for NBA 2K23.As said by Two-Time himself, content creator star Dr Disrespect is actually in the game within NBA 2K23.For players on both new and old generation systems, Dr Disrespect's signature mullet, headphones and vest are all earnable to don in-game as Season 1 Prizes.At the level 8 of the Season 1 reward track Cheap 2K23 MT, users will earn the Dr Disrespect Black Steel Mullet and Headphones.After this, players can purchase the Dr Disrespect Prototypes when they reach Level 20.

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