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Build in real-time with other FoundMyself members!

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Build in real-time with other FoundMyself members!

Postby GraffitiShark » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:47 am

Hey All - I'm working on a browser-based building app that lets you build collaboratively in real-time. It's inspired by Minecraft and Lego and stuff.

All of the objects (about 6500 so far) have been created by artistic players for everyone else to use. So if someone draws a cool stone block, you can use that block to make a castle. Try creating some of your own if you're up for the challenge -- or just use objects made by other players. ... 3b97000000

If you create something cool, use the screenshot feature to get bbcode to post in the thread, since it will include a link directly to the location.

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Note: It probably only works in Chrome and Firefox so far.

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