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Fri Mar 03, 2023 1:46 pm  

When I upload my art for sale, I find that you can right click and save to your computer for printing, plus you can do this for all the painting or images on here, lwhy would anyone buy your art if they can get it for free, how do I set it so people can't save my art to their computer, also if I put a watermark on it, do that stay there when they download after they buy it..

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Allison Prior

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Sun Mar 05, 2023 4:39 am  

Sadly it seems impossible to protect anything that can be viewed on a screen, simply put you can just press print screen on your device and past it into any software solution that will make it printable, if it can be seen it can be copied and makes no difference whether it can be right clicked to save or not..There are some solutions that can help. A picture 500 x 500 pixels looks good on a screen but cannot be printed off very big because it will loose quality quickly, A5 is probably the limit, even enlarged to A4 I think it will loose a great deal of quality, to get a good quality print you need a good quality image first. It seems you can protect your images by not up loading anything big or perhaps bigger than 500 pixels but if the original is a large piece of work and you want to show the detail then that raises a whole new issue. This is because it is not difficult to grab an image from magnified sections then join them back together to produce a better quality image that is more encouraging to someone who might want to print it. I have spent time looking into protecting images and as far as I can tell the only way is to minimise the foot print size of your images as well as mark them as being published by you and owned by you. Sadly this will only stop some of the shenanigans going on online.

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