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How many?

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:52 am
by kevinharrisart1
I have an art show to do in two weeks at a local venue, This will be the first time I will have my own booth as a feature, Im not sure about how many of my paintings to display I would appreciate any advice or feedback as in what to expect or tips etc on what to do
Thanks. Kevin

Re: How many?

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:58 am
by Grandaddyearl
Not sure how big the space is or what length of wall you have or what size your pieces are but put your best work at eye level 5' or so, with 3-6" between and toward the front. I have tried putting the best pieces to the rear to draw people in but did not find it worked as well. If they are all the same size I would keep them level (probably the architect in me) as it's easier for the eye to understand. Some folks cover the walls with work but I feel that's too much for the eye to pull in and you want people to concentrate on a piece long enough to want to buy it. Grandaddyearl

Re: How many?

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:32 pm
by kevinharrisart1
Thank you grandaddyearl sounds like excellent advice I will definitely hang my best and at eye level I thank you for the advice