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split personality : the death of bud,mr blodberg.

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split personality : the death of bud,mr blodberg.

Postby elmonje » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:51 am

hey bud i think it's time to take a break don't ya think ? sounds good got some darn rocks in my shoe that i would love to get out and beside i think im gonna open my self a beer or two. hell think i have some of that my self cant hurt to have like four beers before we head on can it ? hell not. but dude where are the beans man ? what do you mean man they should be in the backpack.(that bastard he forgot the beans) well they are not there man. well i must have forgot them then, man no big deal dude its just beans.yeah man its just beans.(i used to think that you where so cool but now i have grown to hate you i cant forget the beans so after tonight i may be a murdere...).

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