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An Insider's Guide to Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

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An Insider's Guide to Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Postby PatelJinesh 01 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:43 am

Creating a gallery wall in your home can be an affordable way to transform a room with the paintings, photographs, illustrations and personal pieces that matter to you. Whether you want to create a statement in your living room or simply make a staircase or blank wall come alive, a gallery is a fun way to express yourself and showcase favorite items. For the uninitiated, creating a gallery wall can seem daunting, yet with a few tools and some creativity, you can have a simple selection up in no time. Here are some practical tips and style ideas to make your gallery wall stand out.

Determine your style. Love lithographs? Fancy foxes? A gallery wall is your opportunity to style your home to reflect your passions and interests. Galleries can be tied together by theme, frame color, style or image palette.

Tip: In a busy room with lots of patterns and textures, the key is to stick to a single hue, perhaps adding small splashes of color into the mix.

Keep it personal. It’s your home, so use art/Oversized Canvas Art and personal effects to make your gallery wall stand out. We love it when clients combine art they’ve purchased with family photos, sculptures, artifacts and children’s drawings.

Tip: Looking for fun ways to expand your gallery or add one more work to your theme? Consider using old calendars, movie posters or inexpensive illustrations.

Start with the largest item first. Balance and symmetry are key to creating a gallery wall that works. Start with the largest piece and use it as the focal point. Work from the center out. We recommend spacing artwork at least 1¼ inches (3 centimeters) apart to make each piece stand out on its own. Try to keep the overall pattern balanced against other furniture or centered in a room.

Tip: Before you break out the hammer, lay the art out on the floor and cut newspaper to the size of each piece. Using masking tape, position the paper on the wall as you would the art, then try a few different arrangements until you’re happy with the effect.

Choose the right frames. If you’re working with a collection of artwork/Extra Large Contemporary Art across themes, using frames of a similar design or style is one way to tie the collection to your home’s style.

Tip: Reclaimed frames and made-to-order frames without glass can be an inexpensive way to make your art stand out.

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