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Stop buying products with palm oil

Talk about the site, your eye color, veggie preference, whatever. New members - don't be shy - introduce yourselves here.
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New poster
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Joined: Mon Apr 22, 2019 3:52 pm

Stop buying products with palm oil

Postby LadeeArt » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:14 pm

This is a concern for everyone on this planet. Ignoring the dangers on our only home called Earth, will wipe everyone off. Social media won't mean a damn thing, when all is destroyed. We must stop all these large corporations who don't care about anyone or nature but $$ signs.

Don't believe me, check it out for yourselves, all the information will be the same.

Thank-you for caring
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Bill Hewes
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Re: Stop buying products with palm oil

Postby Bill Hewes » Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:12 pm

I hate to say it but the world is run by greedy people and they don't care what happens to the planet. I don't use oil paints etc. I only use acrylic paints these days. They are a lot better and safer than oils. I know people love oil paints. But I don't like dealing with the clean up and the disposal of the old thinner, rags etc.. I even stopped using the disposable plastic razors. I went back to using a safety razor. That way I change the blade and put it in an old coffee can. You can save the blades and sell them to a scrap yard after you fill up the coffee can. It will take awhile but at least you get some money back and they melt down the old blades and make something else with them. I hope :)

I started doing what ever I can do, I use paper products rather than plastic when I can, recycle everything the correct way. But even that's a joke. I was reading that a lot of the stuff we recycle here in the U.S. is sent to Vietnam and they deal with it.

The hardest part about telling people about things is. They don't see it, so it doesn't bother them. Try telling people about the trash in the pacific ocean and other oceans and they could care less. Why? because they don't see it and it doesn't bother them. They don't understand it's killing the fish and the oceans. You kill the oceans you kill off the humans. We humans keep polluting our waters and don't even care. I can recall drinking from brooks/streams we I was younger. You don't dare drink the water these days or even fish in them. I could go on and on about what I've seen change over the years and it wouldn't do any good. Because most people don't care. I've been told, it's in God's hands. So they'll let God deal with it and what ever happens, happens. Nice way of looking at things, turn a blind eye and act dumb. It isn't God's doing it's their doing. I can't stand people like that. Just their way of not giving a S^!# what happens around them. :)
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Re: Stop buying products with palm oil

Postby aradralami » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:20 am

It’s sad this happen everyday. People need to start educating other people what’s right and wrong. We put so much effort putting money into savings forest and making sure endangered animals don’t go extinct. But we all know a lot of animals and sea life in the ocean will come to end end one day. In the ocean you can’t tell how many endangered fish are there because the ocean is huge. And if you picture it there’s a lot of country that goes fishing and hunting that’s a lot of life we take away.

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