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Question for anyone, but mainly Brits!

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 7:35 pm
by Sunny
Has anyone heard of Perdurabo art? They have contacted me about representing me and say they can get me into all kinds of galleries like the Tate, Guggenheim & the Affordable Art Fair of London & New York and the fees are quite reasonable as is the percentage. My question is has anyone else been contacted or heard of them?The website is HELP I need to respond to them soon and don't really want to go ahead without some verification! :?

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:14 am
by rebus
I've not heard of them myself, but I'll put a few feelers out for you and see what I can find out - get back to you shortly. I will just say that I have heard of companies who contact artists and then completely rip them off, so do be careful....

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:23 am
by rebus
Sunny, what I've done is put a message up on a British site, similar to this one.... I'll give you a link so you can check the replies as and when they come in:

click here

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 12:11 pm
by bloodjelly
Seems a little suspicious to me, Sunny. Have you asked over on WC?

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 9:35 pm
by Sunny
Well it is a scam as far as I can tell. A friend in England couldn't find them in the phone book(rqather odd) and she found a BBS that had an old discussion about the same company and it appeared to be a scam!
So always look before you leap I say cuz a fool & his/her money are soon parted!

scam scam scam scam

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 2:39 am
by Reuss
Perdurabo Art is a SCAM.... S-C-A-M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was contacted by Perdurabo Art myself. In fact they had their 'curator team' look at my paintings for week - and then sent me a contrat to sign.... upon signing you have to pay 250

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 12:23 pm
by Rez
fo some reason i'm uncomfortable with curators, so i'm thinking of a team of them would infuriate me enough to order them away from me and have nothing to do with them.

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2004 10:18 am
by bloodjelly
Welcome to the site, Reuss and thanks for the info on Perdurabo Art. What a bunch of sleazeballs. Hopefully people will do a little research on them and find this thread if they're thinking about using them.

Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2004 11:16 pm
by Reuss
Thanx for the welcome :D

I have talked to even more of the artists that are currently involved with Perdurabo Art. Most of them feel that its a scam - only ONE of them seemed to be content with their 'services'.. and another of them isnt quite sure if its a scam or not.. but thinks they are terribly unexperienced and have to little feeling with the art business.. and she adviced me to get a 'real agent' - preferable a real life gallery that would represent me....
and a little advice on that which i got elsewhere:

Never pay an agent money in advance to represent your art, and keep initial contractual obligations to a maximum of one year, but preferably six months. Paying money in advance gives an agent less incentive to sell your art rather than more, because he's already been paid. On the contractual side, you don't want to get roped into an exclusive long-term agreement with an agent who can't sell your art. Once the agent starts selling for you, then think about extended contracts.

perdurabo art

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 2:10 am
by Chris W
I have just joined the list after being contacted by Perdurabo and doing a search for their credentials - I found this thread...I have been approached before by these so called dealers, etc. and although I was optimistic this time I am glad I got to read the thread! However I wouldn't pay someone to promote my work unless it was a gallery getting a commission for sales. Unless you have a fixed legally binding contract with a reputable company it's best not to touch it with a bargepole....