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Happy New year

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John Marsdon Watkins
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Happy New year

Postby John Marsdon Watkins » Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:44 am

Well the new year has arrived ,what will it bring to us ? good question but only you can answer that with what plans do you have for the new year . First chin up , new artist wounder why does my art not sell , how can i get some results .The answer to that is keep moving forward ,do not give up ,it takes time to build up a following but it will happen if you continue to work hard at it . If you have doubt ask some of us older artist that have been around a long time and we will share some things that may encourge and help you . But do not expect to have people follow and buy your work over night ,it takes time . So i have been a member a long time ,i am 79 artist/model maker if you need help or suggestions just ASK and i will give you my experiences , John M. Watkins member

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