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Your critique

Post your art here! Discussion and critiques of user-submitted artwork.
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Your critique

Postby fnax » Fri Dec 22, 2006 3:37 am

Hi, Tuner!

Thanks a lot for your critique! I'd like to know where you take your inspiration for works like "Three butterflies" - for me, a wonderful "baroque art paper". I'we done two years ago a great female nude, and the background of it is a crude "anniversary wrapping paper" painted blue and red. Oh, since I saw "Three butterflies" I regret not to work harder in this part of the nude!!! And I'm requesting your permission to use the idea of your left-handed done "Bunny" into a china ink I'm just doing. I consider that work of yours simply great!

Thanks again,
and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Fernando Naxcimento
fernando naxcimento
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Thanks fnax!

Postby TUNER » Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:47 pm

My whole Dream Art concept is based on my theory of asymetrical/symetry. I draw a line, and then I'll draw a similar line somewhere else. After that, it's all about drawing the same lines, shapes, or squiggles on each one. The best part is that you can't mess up. If one line ends up crooked, I just copy the "mistake" somewhere else. It's very simple concept, and anyone can draw that way and not having to worry about messing up! I never know what the finished piece will look like, but sometimes I have a general theme in mind. Usually, with Dream Art, it's a floral, leafy theme. Nature is so vast in it's designs that maybe somewhere there is actually a plant that looks like one of my drawings! Wouldn't that be something?!

The Left Handed Bunny I drew is actually a copy from a Walter Foster book. I think it is "How to Draw book 1", but he features this bunny in a few of his series books. Luckily, I work in an art/educational store and I get lots of chances to read all the great books that come in. On slow days I get a chance to sketch, which I think is the best job benefit ever! Haha.
Before having wrist surgery for torn cartilage, I started using my left hand a lot more, knowing that it would be my only way to draw. I found that while my right hand can draw straight lines, my left hand will draw a "squiggly" straight line. But when I try to copy contours or curvy shapes, my right hand would make a crisp line, but I could never get the curves right. With my left hand, the contours are perfect, but the line is wavy (like sound waves). Now that my hand is healing up, I enjoy using both hands. When I get stuck on an angle or curve, I just switch hands. I was rather shocked that I never knew I could do this before. It's been fun learning new ways to draw.

I hope your family has a great holiday season and that many yummy foods fill you up! :)
Happy New Year, too!

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