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is it worth studying visual art at university?

Post and view comments about the art in the galleries and art in general.

is it worth studying visual art at university?

Postby meihomie » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:03 pm

ok so pretty much, im a yr 12 student and i have struggled to wonder what to do as a career. in school, the only classes that i find myself interested in is Visual Art classes. i got A's every semester. i was wondering should I study visual art at uni? will i be able to get jobs with it? it is my true passion, along with music.
im worried that if i study fine arts at university, i will have no where to go after i finish my degree. what options would i have? i really have no idea ;-;
if there is anyone who has studied a degree in visual art at university, could you tell me how it went? or if anyone has studied similiar degrees like photography, fashion etc. im just kinda stuck atm :/
another thing is, i didnt do well in other school subjects, so i wont be going to a top australian university or anything :/
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Re: is it worth studying visual art at university?

Postby Grandaddyearl » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:31 am

You indicated visual art is the only course you do well in. While the business of art is very competitive and jobs in the fine art/visual arts field are really tough to find you might back up your love of art with learning to sell, be educated in the history of art, and working in a gallery for example or a museum. There are a ton of directions you could follow in the movie business or in commercial or advertisement business. Just find a secondary study you like in addition to specifically "visual arts" as a back up or supporting position. Might allow you to spread your resume when job hunting. I started loving art/visual arts in school as well with "A's" like you. I selected a career as an architect which continued my love of design and art but provided a better chance of securing a job. You are what at 12, a 7th or 8th grader? You have a ton of time still to find your goals in life. I'd just work to get all you grades up as knowledge can actually help you with any career especially if you plan to follow your goals with a college education. No matter what you elect to do the better you are educated the better chance you will have to be a productive employee or run a company. Grandaddyearl

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