My Process, a Photo-Essay

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I usually like to read a new member’s introduction of themselves, this morning I am touched by HannaAfifah’s biography for her gallery “I like to draw since child, since pandemic. I keep thinking what can I do, so I try this program.”
If I am right, she must be a student in school. ‘I like to draw since child.” That’s good, who doesn’t, but 90% of those young artists may give it up when their hobbies changed. What touched me is “since pandemic, I keep thinking what can I do, so I try this program.” That’s a good example of a lonely kid’s confession. God bless all the lonely young kids, I hope that Hanna will continue to do well and be successful in her school and her drawing, and I believe most of the friends in this website will give her the warm support when she has more artwork for uploading in the future.

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that is really cool.

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thats nicely!!!

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