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newbie sings the blues

Who's your favorite?
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newbie sings the blues

Postby to_fly » Wed Oct 03, 2007 6:41 pm

Keyboardist-vocalist-songwriter blueswoman Melissa Sigler does it for me. I love the way she uses music and contemporary yet classic commentary lyrics reflexively to illustrate each other. Whether it's trains clicking their way down the track, 18-wheelers thumpin' along on the asphalt or the drama of thunderstorms, it comes across beautifully. A few of my favorites are "Secrets," "Poor Me," "I Know When I'm Left and I Know When I'm Right," and "I'll Put a Light On." Her music's as much fun to sing in the tub or dance to around the house as it is to listen to in the car.

Resonant remedies: For solitary holiday blues, snuggle into "Merry Christmas Baby." For breakup blues, have some "Poor Me" with your chocolate. For grand seduction and to celebrate new love, slip into "Secrets." For homesickness and metro stress, pop in "Back to the Bayou" or "Please Save a Place for Me in Texas."


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