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Escape To Your Dreams Fantasy City – Edelis music

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Escape To Your Dreams Fantasy City – Edelis music

Postby Edelisworld » Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:52 am

My name is Vladimir, I the composer.
I would be very pleased to hear what you think of my music. Please stop by, listen, and tell me what you think, how it made you feels, etc.
Thank you a million times!

Edelis - Sensation of the World (2009)

Album «Sensation of the World» can not be referred to a particular style. The mysterious melodies in splendid arrangement contain elements of mysticism from Ambient, harmony from New-Age, wisdom from Ethno. The synthesised sounds, live instruments, magic rhythms take our thoughts and feelings with ease to the mysterious walls of the town «Edelis». The author has contributed the energy of inspiration and love in the album «Sensation of the World». The compositions will create specific cosiness and comfort for you.

Image Image

Download MP3 [30 - 60 sec.]:

The beauty will save the World
The person and the Masquerade
Soon night

Download MP3 [ Full version]: Sensation of the World

Listen [FlashPlayer] >>> Sensation of the World
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Re: Escape To Your Dreams Fantasy City – Edelis music

Postby anthony » Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:27 am

sounds kind of like Land Of The Blind, and it is annoying that the song is only sampled.
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