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My music :)

Who's your favorite?
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My music :)

Postby Loren » Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:09 pm

I also make music as well as art.

Well...I don't know if I do it as WELL as art, but I have fun. :p Here is a link to listen to some of it. If you like experimental electronica with an industrial bent (a-la download, skinny puppy, coil, etc.), then you might enjoy it? It's not quite as dark as those bands, I think I try for more of a Tear Garden feel...more bizarre than dark. Interested people might try the song called "Aura", from the "Near-Life Experience" EP first, but just grab whatever catches your fancy!

And I would love some feedback, if anyone feels so inclined! Even if you like this kind of music, and you STILL hate mine, it's fine! Just let me know why, ok?


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