John Singer Sargent : Secrets of Composition and Design

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Can You Solve The Mystery??? 8)
In my new video : John Singer Sargent : Secrets of Composition and Design
I tried to solve the age old mysteries surrounding the famous painting " The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit"
Why is there a void in the painting???
Why are the daughters of
Edward Darley Boit separated???
Why is one daughter looking away????

Afters years of research - I think I solved the mystery - or most of it anyways.

"John Singer Sargent: Secrets of Composition and Design" .John Singer Sargent is one of America's and Europe’s great portrait artists. He was friends with other giants of his time like Monet and authors as Henry James. Isabella Gardner was an avid patron. However, while admired, he had critics. Paintings like The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit and Miss Cara Burch remain a mystery as to why he painted them the way he did. This educational video will look at the design concepts Sargent used and attempt to uncover secrets behind his style. Other paintings discussed in the video are Madame-X , El Jaleo, Lady Macbeth, Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife , Dinner Table at Night , Fume’e d’ ambre’ Gris, Miss Priestly, The Misses Vickers, and more. A hint to the composition secrets behind everyone’s favorite - Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose is also inside. Was Sargent ahead of his time? Art enthusiast will be delighted in uncovering the secrets of John Singer Sargent and enjoy their next visit to a museum wherever his art is displayed.

Jason Mark Alster M.Sc , the grandson of Polish/German artist Josef Alster, is a learning strategy specialist and has been teaching art creativity for 25 years. Other publications by Jason include Creative Painting for the Young Artist; Anyone Can Improve Their Own Handwriting; Being In Control: Natural Techniques for Increasing Your Potential in School; Zen for ADD, ADHD; Leaving Home, Going Home , Returning Home : A Hebrew American’s Sojourn in the Land of Israel; and Natural Sights and Sounds of Israel. After a lecture Jason gave for The New Britain Museum of American Art about artist John Singer Sargent, he set out on a quest to understand Sargant’s composition techniques. This video shares what he has discovered.

August, 2013, copyright RainbowCloudPublication, Wethersfield,CT. USA

DVD 34 minutes , [email protected]

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John Singer Sargent was especially known for his luscious bravura brushwork which was based on the Carolus-Duran wet-on-wet technique of flowing blended strokes and soft edges. The loose, painterly marks look careless up close but from a distance merge to create a deft portrait of the subject.

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