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I havent seen this movie yet but I totally agree on CGI. Some of it really sucks (Hulk?) and some is absolutely amazing. I realise that to make this movie possible, CGI might have been the only option, after all where does one find a 1000 ft sea monster? lol but an over reliance on this media spoils it for me no end.
I did enjoy the original clash of the titans, Jason and the Argonauts, all them and am a great fan too of the Cecil B. Demille movies..

I am dreading already what Ridley Scott has done to the Original Robin Hood legend. My gawd, having seen the preview, he has Gladiatored it!!!!! What the heck?
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"All things considered, the original will remain a classic for some time" Originals are always more sought after. Because in fact the original will be more complete and accurate.Madalin Stunt Cars

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CGI can be both impressive and disappointing, depending on the quality of its execution. When done well, CGI can seamlessly blend with live-action footage, creating breathtaking visuals and enhancing the overall storytelling experience. It can transport viewers to imaginative worlds and make the impossible seem real. Target Pay and Benefits

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