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"When you are old and gray and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire, take down this book and slowly read, and dream of the soft look your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep."
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Friends , Have you wonder what a difference a relationship with Jesus can make in a person's life.
The life I was living before, I found Christ was quite a horrifying story that could have lead to suicide .
It started with being taken from my parents at the age of seven years old,by the state, and placed in a boarding school for emotionally disturbed children. Though my parents lived only fifteen minutes away, they did not come to visit my, I basically saw my family about four times a year.
While growing up in this school, I was the class clown, was remove from class for being constantly disruptive.
I can only count a few times, I was not staying after school for punishment.
I also was on restriction in the dorm, for rebelling against the rules.
I spent my child hood growing up by standing in a hallway, facing the wall, fore about twelve hours a day.
When I would run away from the school they would punish me by taking away the privilege of eating meals. They force me to drink a meal replacement stuff call brewer 's yeast.
The worst tasting stuff on earth.
While living at this school , I had multiple run ins with death : I was dropped into a water full during the winter,almost drawn at St Peter's Village.
Flew through the air into a picnic table head first. Ended up in the hospital for a couple of weeks, then spend the summer with complete Amnesia .
Suffocated by a plastic bag , staff at the school thought I was dead, when I woke on my bed, I walk out to the day room to find a counselor, they were in the middle of calling an ambulance , I scared the crap out of them by my appearance of white as ash skin and blue lips.
The summer that I went back to living with my biological family for three years while attending regular High School. I was hit by a car travailing at the speed of forty five MPH.
The accident happen after a days work, I was at a restaurant that my Bose would take me to after work. He sent me across the street to retrieve his cigars and newspaper from his car.
When I was hit by the car, witnesses said my body popped up in the air about ten feet, and travailed through the air about one hundred feet.
From this accident I suffer from having roaming black outs, so I had to be watched closely for a whole summer.
During that summer a friend gave me a Bible, and I read it eight hours a day. The summer of 1980 , I gave my life to Christ.
While living with my parent, I was exposed to mental abuse by my mother. While gong to school my mother had me paying rent, buying my own clothes. My mom rarely cooked during the winter, she would stay up all night drinking, then sleeping it off on the couch in the den, to about two in the afternoon. I always ate at the piazza shop for my dinner we’re I worked.
I would be blame false for bad thing that happened around the house and would wake up in the mourning ,being punished for something I did not do.
My mother threw me out of the house for weeks at a time, and I would have to stay with my dad's mother.
Many time when I would come home and none was home, I would have to beg my friends to let me stay at their homes until my parents came home.
Now if it were not for Jesus strengthening me to bare this abuse, I would have taken my own live.
I want to share with you about two brothers I knew from the boarding school. They were raised by a mother who basically was a whore, who had children from three different men. She had a boyfriend while being married to the father of these brothers.
Now these brothers for a couple of years were living at the school as I was. One brother was in my classes,and we were both always staying after school for bad behavior
When these bother left school. they both lived self destructive lives. One bother became a conman , thief ,murder by accidental homicide. Who in the end hung him self.
I Had share the massage of salvation through Christ when this man and his girlfriend whom ended up in a near death car accident. They rejected the offer.
The other bother end up leaving the boarding school to being enrolled in a maximum security prison for about thirty years.
When he got out on parole about two year ago, his sister ask me could I try to help her brother fly straight.
I try to be his friend and help him, but he try manipulate me ,to be his personal tax. He one time ask if I could meet his girl friend at the transportation station in Norristown Pa. , to give her a ride to her mother's house in Collegeville Pa.
I spent two and a half hours looking for this woman that never showed. This event took place at night time, which is a very dangerous time be hang around this place.
It turned out that his girl friend was a prostitute who was fifteen years older then he was.
He called me and asked if I knew church people who could put this woman up for a couple of week because she was going to be homeless. Well a christian girl I knew took her in at her place, and also tried to share Christ with her.
The woman rejected Jesus.
The last day I saw the man i was trying to help, He first wanted to hang out with me, and called me on the phone. I was not feeling well, and wanted do nothing but stay in bed. After our call , he call the woman, and told her the reason he had not called her sooner is because he called me and I had the case of diarrhea of the mouth. So continuing his conversation with her, not knowing i am on the other line, he tells her, I was have a party at my house with finger food and wide screen television. So then I chime in yo, you never end our call.
Well that day I told him that he and his girlfriend could ride around with me as I did my errands.
I heard they were thinking about buying bicycles , so I took them to the Trek bike shop in Devon Pa.
After that day,I did not hear from this man any more.
I had finally found work, after being unemployed for seven months. So that summer I ran into his sister at a supermarket, who asked me if I heard what happened to brother ? I said no, I had not have talk to him in some time, I said, He got him sent back prison? She told me her bother had murder the woman he ask me to help. She some how tried to break her relationship off with him, this angered him, so He plotted two way to kill her with both using a harem, and a knife. He followed her over the bridge from Norristown to Bridgeport, stabbed her 21 times to she bleed to death. He did the act around 2:00 PM.
The event took place less then a couple block from my house.
Could they have been on their way to my house? if they were ,I was at work in Willow Grove Pa. Thank God for His protection! Who knows how I would have been involved.
Now all three of us had hard child hoods. But only one of us excepted Christ and found a better path in life.
Through Christ , I served my country in the military for nine years.
I attended a year of Bible College. I
I worked as an electrician for fifteen years.. I worked as a Telecommunications Technician for three years.
I worked ten years as a ware house junior manager for Comcast.
I have worked in the mission field as a volunteer on three summer trips.
I have be serving the christian community with my art talent for over thirty some years. I authored my first book, a collection of my own works in art and poetry. Last winter I had a traveling mini art show, go from library to library for four months. This year I will be competing for the eighteenth time in a live pumpkin carve that consist of eighty plus competitor. the works of art are on display for three days, and draws huge crowds every year.
With out Christ I could not have accomplish
these things by my self.
If i would have rejected Salvation through Christ, and allowed my future be dictated by my abusive child hood, I might have been the murder on that bridge. or I might have been the con artist , thief, who couldn't stand his self any more so he hung himself.
If you are tiered of your life, call out to God He will give you a better life. You can leave you past at the foot of the cross, never having to pick it up again. Through Jesus's every new day,is a fresh start on life.
Salvation is a gift of love from God, but it is up to the recipient to receive or reject the gift.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo

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