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Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:25 pm  

Any one out in the audience, still ordering takeout food, during this pandemic of Corona Virus?

I personally am playing it safe and only eating food I myself have prepared, because you never know if the person who prepares or delivers the food might be infected with the virus.

Well I always believe, if you are handed lemons in live, open up a lemon ad stand.

I came up with this ingenious idea for a business. I am going to start a Pizza deliver serves. What makes my service different from all the rest? We grantee our customers that our pizza is made and delivered in a sterile environment. Our staff makes and deliver our pizzas wearing Darth Vader suits.

To assure our customers, that when their pizza arrives, it came authentically from, “Darth Vader Pizza”,

Our delivery vehicles are all black, and have a loud speaker mounted on their roof, blasting The theme song, “Empire strikes back“.

And if you order now, we will put a 1970”s Star War action figure in each box.

Writer by Stephen J. Vattimo. 4/3/20220

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