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Rush Limboing-boing

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Rush Limboing-boing

Postby wolflarsen » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:34 am

The Orgy of Pigs & Elephants & Donkeys at Uncle Sam's Whorehouse
Part 16 of the musical by Wolf Larsen

And then there's an announcement throughout the theater. "Ladies and gentlemen! Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! The star of the show! It's Rush Limboing-boing! The great radio commentator and God of the Right!"

Everyone on stage claps enthusiastically and sings: "It's the God of the right!"

Rush Limboing-boing is rolled on stage in a combination huge toilet/royal throne. It’s the most royal toilet you've ever seen!

Rush Limboing-boing begins singing: "Let me tell you about the evils of liberalism and feminism and socialism and black people-ism! It's the liberals who put all the moons in the strawberries! Oh devil-worshiping coffeemakers! It's the feminists who put all the coffee in the sky! Oh my my my! And the minorities are absolutely flying the country into a butterfly-dandelion-bee! Oh fwaap! Oh foop! And as I take these pills – lots of pills! – I see socialism growing like fungus – yes fungus! – all over the walls of this red white & blue zoo! Socialism in our coffee! Socialism is now in the spaghetti! We should launch a universe-extraterrestrial-wide boycott of spaghetti and coffee! Oh give me some more of those pills!"

The saxophone sings: "Oh those piiiiilllllllss! Lots of pilllllsssss!”

Everyone on stage gets on their knees before Rush Limboing-boing. They all sing: "We all worship you Rush Limboing-boing! We want to learn how to vomit in the toilet just like Ann Coulterbleeeaaauuugh! We want to be as skinny as the skeletons in the cemetery and Ann Coulterbleeeaaauuugh! Down with the wild raspberries of socialism! Up up up with Rush Limboing-boing & pills & vomiting in the toilet like the right-wing gods and goddesses of the airwaves!"

The saxophone sings: "RighT-wiiiiing gOds & gOddesses of the airwaaaaveS!"

Then the announcer gets up. He sings: "And now ladies and gentlemen I have an even bigger star for you all!"

Rush Limboing-boing screams out angrily: "HOW CAN ANYONE BE BIGGER THAN ME?!"

The announcer sings: "John Fucking Kennedy has arisen from the dead!"

Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen

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