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The Anti-Ad! Let's make it happen baby

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The Anti-Ad! Let's make it happen baby

Postby boredofapathy » Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:43 pm

hey guys,

I want to create a new movement of "anti-ads", meaning inspirational art pieces that are disguised as advertisements. I invite anyone who's willing to jump off some cliffs to join me in this! I'm new to the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong area. feel free to correct me

The ones I will make will be themed around self-confidence and positivity but they can be about anything really. Eventually I want these anti-ads to challenge real-life ones in size and impact. there are a lot of things in life that people can do for free, and practical solutions to making a lot of things cheaper/free, but most people fall for being regular "consumers" rather than people, so I want to challenge people's thinking and start inspiring them to think big.

I come from the UK but I travel around quite a bit. Let's start a discussion about it and hopefully we can meet and collaborate sometime. peace!


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