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Art community & free artist galleries - features

Feature (Expand all) Details
Price Sell art free with our Honor System


More than a free art gallery

Your art is your own unique expression, and now your gallery can be, too. Our art galleries show your work cleanly and professionally, right out of the box. When you're in the mood to add more features, you can use our easy canvas editor. Add a slideshow, a profile, social links and much more.
1,000 Megabytes
(1 gigabyte)

Sell your art commission free

  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Add PayPal buttons right next to your art
  • No setup fees or commissions ... money from purchases goes straight into your pocket. We really do use the honor system!

Professional art website

Our Reach art portfolio websites give you the power to set up your own web domain (, for example) in a few simple steps.

Promotional tools

All members get access to a host of easy-to-use tools that will help you spread the word about your art gallery, including:

  • Professional art website – “Reach” – take your art off of Foundmyself and onto your own domain
  • Exposure points let you promote your gallery right here on FM!
  • Flash galleries and mini-slideshows
  • PicFlip - a “magic” image that displays a random image from your gallery, and can be placed almost anywhere
  • Customizable banners
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter directly from your gallery
  • Artist blog
  • Much more!

Detailed gallery statistics

Gallery statistics allow you to view information about your visitors and which artwork of yours they like best. Statistics are an invaluable resource for any artist interested in selling their work, or for anyone simply curious about what people think about their art.

All members get the following stats:

  • Views per piece
  • Ratings per piece
  • Top rated piece per album
  • Visuals that make viewing your stats easy and intuitive
  • Total views
  • Total views per album
  • Average rating for your artwork
  • Visitor browsers
  • Most popular piece per album (Test which art is most popular and gets you the most traffic)
  • Total space remaining in your gallery

Free art contests

We hold free art contests on a regular basis, and as a member of our art community, you can enter them as often as you want! Great prizes and bragging rights can be yours.

Link to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you run a personal or professional portfolio website, you can post a link to it on your Foundmyself profile.

A link to your website will boost traffic and exposure, and inbound links are one of the best methods to increase your Page Rank and search results rankings.


Art pricing help

As a member of Foundmyself you can use the Art Price Calculator app directly through our website to see what others are charging for similar art, for free.

Art blog

Have a way with words? Easily post your latest news, poems, thoughts and whatever else on your personal art blog. Then use our canvas editor to display your blog on your profile!

RSS feed

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” What it means is that visitors can subscribe to your gallery and get updates instantly when you add a new image! They don't even have to visit the site to check out your latest piece.

Enhanced search engine placement

As a member of Foundmyself you will get special features that will help to increase your search engine ranking, and can make your images and gallery come up more often in internet searches (Google, MSN, Yahoo,, etc.)

Results depend on search terms used, inbound links to your gallery and time online. But we'll help you with all of that.


Personalized, easy web link

Your easy gallery link makes it simple for people to find your art. Instead of a complicated web address, your clients and friends can type this: Easy!

Ad-free viewing experience

No outside ads means no annoying distractions for visitors viewing your art. Members can purchase exposure points that show an image and link to their gallery here on Foundmyself, but if you've donated, those promotions won't show on your gallery pages.

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