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Dec 15, 2018 – oldboneart, on Stormy Weather by arthur smart
Beautiful Landscape! Very good!
I love it! Beautiful
Love squirrels too! There are a few black squirrels and albino squirrels here...No,never hunted snipe.
That's cool. Indiana and Kentucky have my two favorite squirrel's. The flying squirrel. And the red Squirrel. There awesome. did you ever go snipe hunting.Don
They will eat from your hand once they trust you enough😊
Yes there really cute and really not to afraid of people I get pretty close to them.Don
I love them...they are sweet birds😊
We have them here in the mountains .and your very welcome Don
Thank you so much...Yes,there is a face on the moon😊
They sure are Chickadees 😊 Thank you!
That's pretty I think there is a face in the moon. Don
Tat is really cool. They look like chickadees. Don
Thank you so much...Yes,I decided to let the customer decide...I think the blade would be nice with a light placed in the center...display it in a shadow box perhaps...endless possibilities 😊
Warm and festive. Neat use of the hole for the bright spot (depending on the wall I guess)
Love the unique style!!!
Your very welcome roken Wing. Don
Dec 12, 2018 – Cartoonman, on ~Passage~ by BrokenWingArtStudio
Thank you so do I ! 😊
I really like old lanterns. very pretty.Don
Thank you so much😊
That's really beutiful and very serene awesome piece of art. Don
Dec 12, 2018 – Cartoonman, on ~Passage~ by BrokenWingArtStudio
Awesome piece of art. Don
Awesome piece of art. Don