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This would make a cool painting
Neat old farm barn great shot
Mar 19, 2019 – Chris fairl, on The old Bwrn by Becca DianeFairl
Something about this painting. It's telling me to open my mind to the world of imagination and dream to build a new perspective as curiosity build up . tk for your vote on my last painting
Mar 19, 2019 – joelle, on The shuttered Window by Looie25
Like that painting .The corner to deal with time as mirror in the mirror... always tell another story as time make it for your vote on my art work
Mar 19, 2019 – joelle, on Mirror by artKsenia
November rain as they say, put a smile on my face .tk for voting my art work .Take me months to get over that felling as winter close in on my old dog still there and everyday a bless
Mar 19, 2019 – joelle, on My Pumpkin Family by janlea
a big loss. but always happy to see or hear something from him .tk for your vote
Mar 19, 2019 – joelle, on Man of My Moon by Miss-A-sketches
love it wowowowowow i love her face
Gorgeous piece of art Don 😊😊
Mar 19, 2019 – Cartoonman, on Lady Lavender by Linda art
Thankyou very much.Don
Mar 19, 2019 – Cartoonman, on Taking flight by WillFabritz
Very beautiful. I can appreciate the many hours that go into a project like this. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.
Thank you so much for your lovely comment it is very much appreciated , and I really love your work too the tea rose especially Alice
warming painting .very good
Mar 18, 2019 – joelle, on Boxers by Nathanj12
Mar 18, 2019 – Nelea Creative Art, on Jellyfish by Keri Knutzen
Thanks Trevor.. you are so right
Thanks lots Keri Don
Mar 18, 2019 – Cartoonman, on The Rose by Keri Knutzen
Love this!
So pretty!
Cool painting!
Mar 18, 2019 – Keri Knutzen, on Say CHEESE. by Cartoonman
Only if someone is around to here it boom
Mar 18, 2019 – Chris fairl, on The woods by Becca DianeFairl
Good job love the old black and white style
Mar 18, 2019 – Chris fairl, on Broken Down by Becca DianeFairl
Great work!