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Bighorn Sheep
Black Panther
Siberian Tiger
Moose in the Forest
Mule Deer in the Prairies
Maskinonge Waterton Lakes Winter Reflection
Bertha Lake, Waterton
Cardston, Alberta Temple
Colorful Bear in the Grass
Mountain Lion in the Rockies
Cedar Waxwing in a Tree
Gray Wolf in the Forest
Grizzly Bear Running in the Water
Mule Deer in the brush
Mule Deer in the Rocky Mountains
Red Oblivion
Mediterranean Breeze Acrylic Painting
Salt Lake City, Utah Temple in Autumn Acrylic Painting
Le Scale di Spagna - "The Spanish Steps"
Il Colosseo
La Ragazzina Senza un Riflesso
L'albero Scarlatto
La Ragazzina Senza un Riflesso