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Grey Squirrel on Tree Stump
Grey Squirrel on the feeder pole
Black Squirrel on tree stump
Black Squirrel at the birdbath
Male Red Cardinal
Male Dark Eyed Junco
European Starling
Juvenile European Starling
How Many Sparrows?
Blue Jay, November 2019
Blue Jay on feeding pole stump
Blue Jay in the Season's first snow
Virgin Tiger Moth (Grammia virgo)
Bee collecting nectar - and a Mystery
Bee on Grey Dogwood Flowers
Whirligig Beetles
Twelve Spotted Skimmer Dragonfly
Linne's Cicada (Neotibicen linnei)
Banded Tiussock Moth Caterpillar
Looking for Berries
Tummy Covered in Seeds
Raccoon Eating Dogwood Berries
Bandit on the feeder