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I dont believe in it even after 50 years.
Leisure time.
Theres them and us(that's just the way it is)
I've moved on from the past
Izzy,Georgee,Dotty and Lotty.
Joyce D Parker.
The highest point in the Toon
From NY to Dundee East
It's a true saying.YOUR A LANG TIME DAID.
The counter culture is history
Ive still got a lot to learn.
The monthly subscribtion.
Piper at the whatever
Another Gene carrier
Urban life
A second cousin of JJB
They don't make them like they used to
Time goes by very very kwickly
The system is BIGGER than us
I was very naive once upon a time
VAR is not for me
GW and I should have been good friends
The subjugated one
I knew she would win her case I absolutely knew