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Summer time
The colors of fall (second version)
The colors of fall
Bee Eater
For sale  modern paintings and drawings israeli artist Mirit
Israeli woman Mirit Ben-Nun decorative modern art for sale
For sale jewish female drawings and paintings from Israel by
Jewish Israeli artist colorful drawing for sale by Mirit Ben
Artwork for sale woman painter from Israel Mirit Ben-Nun
Selling contemporary drawings from Israel by Mirit Ben-Nun
For sale contemporary paintings from Israel by Mirit Ben-Nun
Thom Yorke again
Never wash the cat !
“Now, I wonder how I get down!”
Kung Fu
“It is better for you to jump into the water, you are “t
Cat Walk
The best educator
“Come to my window ,  crawl inside wait by the light of th
Kitty is scared of flying
The wolf is waiting....