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The Egg, Universe , Oceans , Serpent and The Sword
Stand & Deliver
The Master Soul Image of the Creator!
I have not chosen the title for this art work and painting y
The Origial Secret Heathen
The Beginning of US & Them!
Symbotic Soul connection to the Master Soul Image
The Angles , The Aliens and Beyond Space Time & Mulitiple
Maximum Exposure Death of Cyborg Three
Mistical Dance of Sufis
Wizard's Belt  Sufis Semazen
The Eye Within The Portal of Our Universe !
Under The Gospel Stars "Lord Thy Will Be Done"
Please don't test me now!
Robats, Drones and Cyborgs
I am being among many beings!
In to the World of Unknown
Sufi and His Magickal Universe
World of Unseen
The Soul of the is the Soul!