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The  lost ship
Sick Cat
Whispering trees
About tastes is not discussed in the World of Fantasy, an am
Sunrise on the savannah
Alcohol Ink with Resin 12" x 16"
Abstract Alcohol Ink Painting on Canvas- "Surprise"
Alcohol Ink Painting on Canvas 16" x 40"
Alcohol Ink Painting on wood with resin 18 x 24
Sad cup half empty
Front view furry head
Side view furry head
Chris Farley
Retrato expresivo Mirit Ben-Nun moderna artista judia
Mirit Ben-Nun artista israelita puntillista
Retrato moderno en acrilico artista puntillista Mirit Ben-Nu
Dibujo puntillista acrilico en papel artista judia Mirit Ben
Artista israelita cuadros expresivos acrilico y tinta
Harry Porter
“The Angel and the Evil!”
“Stand by me”
“Employee of the month!”